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Marta Rull Maurí

Eurofins EVIC

Graduated and registered biologist (Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona and University of St. Andrews, Scotland), she holds a master in Nature management and preservation (IUSC) and Marketing and Commercial management (Universidad Abat Oliva). She has been working in the cosmetic sector for more than 12 years in international companies known for launching natural and synthetic active ingredients, creating innovative final products and performing tolerance and efficacy assays. Currently working as Deputy Manager of the Technical department, she has experience in writing scientific articles and promotional documentation, managing ingredients and launches, solving technical doubts and daily incidents, market trends and customer service.

Marta Rull Maurí will be speaking at:

Repercusiones del cambio climático en la piel, perspectivas de futuro.

2017/10/04 11:00 - 11:20

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