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Un enfoque diferente a la Eco sostenibilidad: Celus-Bi nuestra propuesta innovadora y tangible (A different approach to Ecosustanability: Celus-Bi as our innovative and touchable proposal)

15:20 - 15:40

A different approach to Eco-sustainability: Celus-Bi as our innovative and touchable proposal For our Planet’s growth path it is a strong need the pursuit of a sustainable development carried out on continuous research and production of solutions with a low-impact on Environment. The cosmetic market, in line with this trend, is requiring a new generation of eco-friendly ingredients, based on performance, People safety and Environment preservation. Thanks to a knowledge-based partnership, a different driver of innovation has been discovered in renewable and biodegradable cosmetic raw materials, to satisfy these urgent Sustainability needs. CELUS-BI® cosmetic ingredients are thought to reach 100% Sustainability while having tested great cosmetic performances. ROELMI HPC set up a different corner of cosmetics. In fact, CELUS-BI® results come from an innovative way of making cosmetic, with a natural background, but without any interference with the food supply chain. By this way, it is possible to create ingredients without producing waste, aiming at an impact zero on the environment, instead of just a reduction of energy usage or pollutants emission.


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