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High performance Sunscreen oil and Spray Formulations Respectful to Environment

15:40 - 16:00

The formulation of sunscreen is today an increasingly difficult challenge for formulators. Toxicological controversies on many UV filters, international regulatory restrictions and the economic constraints of a competitive marketplace conflict to a trend towards respect for the environment. Moreover, the quest for high SPF conflicts with sensory aspects.
The latter are key success factors for getting customer adhesion and willingness to reapply the product frequently.
Photostabilisers with SPF boosting capability are looked as cost effective solution for achieving a good compromise on a challenging equation:              Cosmeticity   .   Environmental acceptance
SPF unit cost  .  Chemical Exposure
The most advanced photostabilizer Synoxyl®HSS inspired by phytochemicals found in ginger and Turmeric is capable of  boosting SPF by more than 50% in multiple classical sunscreen systems.
Recent formulation trials have been conclusive on alcoholic sprays and hydrating oils with excellent cost efficiency and sensory features.

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