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PolyAquol™-2W and PolyAquol™-OS2: Naturally emulsifying

17:00 - 17:20

PolyAquol™-2W and PolyAquol™-OS2 are polyglycerol-based, self-emulsifying technologies for O/W and W/O, respectively. Both are all-natural derived as well as Ecocert and Cosmos approved.  One feature of PolyAquol™-2W resides in its autonomous emulsifying action without the need of external stabilizer or co-emulsifier. Working independently from the HLB system, it can be added to the water phase as well as to the oil phase to generate liquid crystals. In addition to its unique emulsifying capabilities outperforming comparators, PolyAquol™-2W possesses physiological properties. Most likely through a biomimetic mechanism, PolyAquol™-2W clinically prevents and accelerates the repair of the skin barrier function compromised by an external stress.

The emulsifying properties of PolyAquol™-OS2 mainly reside in the synergy between polyhydroxystearic structures and selected polyglycerol derivatives of fatty acids. The ratio into which those components are combined together allows for the formation of a hydrophilic pocket mainly created by the polyglycerol heads. Lipophilic tails are externally oriented and interact with the oil phase completing the W/O emulsion. This molecular arrangement provides strong emulsifying properties without the need of co-emulsifiers. PolyAquol™-OS2 can be used for cold-process emulsions and endows formulations with a remarkable sensory profile.


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