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BEAUACTIVE® corrects both conspicuous facial pores and age spots

15:00 - 15:20

Most people looking for beautiful skin think first of eliminating lines and wrinkles. But other concerns, such as conspicuous facial pores and age spots, may be equally troubling. These arise after the age of 30 and are mainly caused by the aging process, exacerbated by sun light. They have the effect of making people feel less attractive, particularly given their association with aging.

DSM is addressing these concerns with BEAUACTIVE® a potent Hydroxystearic acid of high purity which is manufactured using green technology.


DSM researchers discovered that BEAUACTIVE® shows multi-target effects. Upon UVB stress BEAUACTIVE® hinders the production of both sunburn cells and the stress marker p53 which can increase skin pigmentation. It also helps the skin to make more collagen, a key structural factor in the prevention of conspicuous facial pores. Eight-week placebo-controlled double-blind study has confirmed the outstanding efficacy of BEAUACTIVE® which results in a visible reduction of conspicuous facial pores and age spots, giving skin a younger, improved appearance after the age of 30.




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