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The skin microbiome, probiotics and skincare

13:00 - 13:20

The skin microbiome is an increasingly important topic for the cosmetic industry, both from a basic research and a marketing point of view. The same goes for the use of probiotics and active ingredients based on probiotic bacteria. Often the use of probiotic cosmetic active ingredients is communicated to be good for the skin microbiome. A healthy skin microbiome is associated with ‘good’ bacteria. What are ‘good’ bacteria? Do these exist at all? What are the possibilities for the cosmetic industry in promoting a healthy skin microbiome? Is there an association between typical cosmetic issues like aging and sensitive skin and a possibly altered skin microbiome in young and normal skin? These questions will be addressed and put to discussion in this presentation. Additionally, the role of a lysate of probiotic bacteria on the skin microbiome as such and its possible interaction with the skin will be highlighted. ‘Bacteria’ are a hot topic in the cosmetic industry, but one size does not fit all. Managing the microbiological state of skin is something skin can largely do by itself, but can bacterial active ingredients support the skin in doing so?


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