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360° Sun Care Protection; High efficient sunscreen with light sensory and sprays

15:00 - 15:20

Due to a change of the regulation in sun care, some UV filters should no more be used in spray systems that form inhalable droplets. This will limit the flexibility of formulators as most of the UV filters used are either oils or oil soluble crystalline UV filters.

The use of high amounts of UV filter oils and oil soluble crystalline UV filters result in high oil phases that finally end in heavy and oily systems. Furthermore emulsification of high oil phases can be a challenge in O/W systems especially when a low viscosity of the end product is needed to achieve a fine spray picture.

A reduced oil phase is also a tool to achieve improved sensory of sun care lotions and creams still achieving highest performance in regard of SPF and UVA protection.

A balanced combination of UV filters in the oil and water phase of the formulations result in a better performance and does allow to reduce the UV filter load for identical performance.

BASF introduces approaches to improve the balance of UV protection in the water and oil phase in order to help formulators to meet the challenges in regard of light sensory and desired application form.


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