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Italmatch Chemicals/ UNDESA

Stand: 73
00 34 93 635 71 03

Italmatch Chemicals is a Global Specialty Chemical Company, focusing on Personal Care, Fabric&Home Care, I&I, Oil&Gas, Lubricant and Plastic Additives, from synthetic to fully natural products. We have global coverage with own subsidiaries and manufacturing sites all over the world with particular focus on joint product and technical developments with Customers/Partners.                                                                   

The current products range includes: Dapracare® fatty esters (EO-free emulsifiers and natural emollients), stearic soaps, PEG-150 Distearate thickeners, pearlizing agents and Turpinal® specialty chelating agents. Our new developments pipeline is filled with several new products: polyglycerol ester EO-free emulsifiers, polyquaternium conditioning polymers, styrene-acrylate opacifiers and polymeric rheology modifiers.

Comte D’ Urgell 240 4º D

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