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Stand: 85
+49 21142471367

CareAbout provides new and innovative raw materials for the cosmetic industries especially for hair- and skincare.   Our development is based on a biomimetic philosophy.  We learn from mother nature to get a better understanding for the nature mechanisms.   Our results are specialties and finished concepts, that can be used in modular combinations to create whole product ranges with  minimum effort.  Some of our  innovative products are Ceratysan CSA, a hair conditioning with antiseborreic and antidranduff effect, Ceratysan CL Plex designed for preventing  hair damage , Cerachassis SFV  a biomimetic shampoo for restoring the CMC, MSL Cream Base a lamellar structure that mimics the skin composition, etc. In addition to our raw materials, we provide performance testing with additionally advising development processes, to show fast and effective ways to optimize formulas.

KönigSalle 61, 40215Düseldorf , Germany

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