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Welcome to Cosmetorium

An event to be held in Spain by the Spanish Society of Cosmetic Chemists. For many years, Spain has been a center of excellence in the design, manufacture and supply of cosmetics. The outlook remains excellent and Spain is dedicated to maintaining its position as a major in the world of creativity, design, development and marketing areas. In recognition of the importance in Spain, to meet the needs of everyone involved in the design, development and production as well as appropriate information on all aspects of cosmetic products, it has devised SEQC COSMETORIUM (Congress and Cosmetics Perfumery).

Source – Manufacture – Outsource

Cosmetorium features developments that allow branded/ private label manufacturers and brand owners/ developers to respond effectively and efficiently to consumer demand in ever competitive markets.

Consumers demand toiletries, cosmetics, hair and skin care products that enhance their appearance and personal sense and are safe to use. Producers are keen to maintain their reputation for safe, effective and innovative products that meet the requirements of ever demanding consumers.

At the same time, personal care products are subject to legislative and regulatory environment that affects every part of the manufacturing and supply chain.

Cosmetorium is an effective opportunity to see what is available on the market, discuss key issues and come away with clear approaches in mind.

The above are key elements in the development and manufacture of products that are safe, effective, innovative and successful, that meet the requirements of ever demanding consumers, that allow continual investment in brands and that increase margins (without sacrificing volumes).